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Did He Move…Or Not?

Last week, mom and I found out he may be 6lbs 9oz and was breech. So this week we are hoping he flipped back so we do not have to worry about a version or imminent c-section. We had some good news earlier in the week as mom did get an ad hoc ultrasound and

Emotional, Finishing Touches Week

This was quite the emotional week. Won’t get into too many details but last weekend, mom and I witness a motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist ended up not making it. We were the first up to him and we did try to revive him, along with a few others as they came up, before emergency

Pushing Forward

Another week in the books and just that much closer to the arrival. Mom had another routine prenatal visit this week and her provider decided to schedule another ultrasound for next week. The goal here is to compare against the one we got last week and measure boy two’s growth. At this week’s visit the

So Boy Two May Be Coming Early

We had our appointment this week as mom was measuring big and the physician wanted to take a peak. The result? Boy two is indeed measuring ahead of schedule. Right now he is at 4lbs 9oz, which puts him more at the 33wk mark than 31wks (which is where we are at based on due

Boy Two Coming Sooner…?

At mom’s last routine OB visit, her OB stated she was measuring a little big and if that continued we may want to do an ultrasound. So this week was her latest OB appointment and she still was measuring big so we now have an ultrasound scheduled for next week . Of course, now my

Finishing Touches…Nursery Decor

What a weather change today around here…this only reminds me that boy two’s arrival continues to get even closer (mid-October). This past week we have been discussing the finishing touches for the nursery. All the big stuff (crib, rocker, dresser, mattress) is in place. We have gotten the sheets, blanket (which are both mountain and

Cherries, Pool, Biking, Family…Vacation Fun

We are back from a week long vacation and it was a great time with the fam. This week was of course, hard to be back to the real world. So let’s focus on how last week went. We did go to Door County, which again our boy one loves. So much up there a

Busy Week, Leads to Vacation Week

This was a busy week for dad. Mom had to travel for work Monday through Wednesday. This meant dad was responsible for more than normal. I do appreciate the help by grandma and grandpa for watching him Tuesday night. Outside of that picking up boy one and dropping off boy one was a bit more

Shopping Recap and Holiday

Wow…this week just flew by. With the 4th and those festivities, along with the busy last weekend it is already Friday. To recap, we went down to Illinois to check out some rockers but the mall down there was so much more than we thought.  Oakbrook Terrace was the mall that the Land of Nod

Weekend and Weight

This is the weekend we take our road trip to Illinois to the Land of Nod, to check out a glider. Yes, you read that correctly. It may not be as bad as it seems though. I would feel comfortable spending that kind of money knowing the glider was at least comfortable, or perhaps not

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