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Oh boy…This Has To Be Bad News

Looking back at my last post, I will say that I was a bit distracted as I was completing it. Why?  You know when you get a call from that one person, or at a certain time of the day it can never be good news. You hear the phone or see who it is


Kid, You’ll Move Mountains

Mid-week update, as this week zips on by ahead of a holiday weekend. Just a mini recap, boy one went to Door County with the grandparents (nana and papa), and so mom and dad were going to start on the new baby’s room. The weather cooperated, at least in the terms of where it wasn’t

No Kid Weekend…Let’s Start The Baby’s Room

I get weekly emails that give me updates on how the baby is developing, I really enjoy reading the updates, even the second time around. I feel it is a great way for me to stay connected to the process to a greater degree. Week 18 is a busy week for the little one, this

Baby Brother

Mother’s Day Recap & Meeting Baby Brother…

Mother’s Day was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and an immediate timeout for boy one. We let mom sleep in a bit on Saturday, since I could not guarantee he would “let” me be the one to get him up on Sunday (he is very picky most days on who he wants to wake

Moreland Man…Getting Started

Hmmm…how do I start this…well here it goes. No doubt being a parent is not easy, we all somehow wish there was that handbook all us newer parents think would help through the early years make sure our child and us survive. I, which will go by Moreland Man, want to provide perspective from the

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