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Here we are three weeks in for our boy two. This was a big week in that dad had to go back to work. A lot of anxious feelings this past Sunday for me on how mom was going to handle the routine of attending to both in the morning, taking boy one to school

Two Weeks In…Already

Here we are, now two weeks in. Can I say it has gone fast….well I won’t say it has flown by but it is moving along. So boy two has done quite well since entering this world two weeks ago. Health wise he is doing great (more on that in a moment though), sleeping wise

First Pediatrician Appointment

Tuesday marked day five for the little one and his first pediatrician appointment. These first five days have been up and down, as can be expected with a new born. Sunday night, not much sleep; while last night was a decent night in getting six hours of sleep (which is great for a newborn). Also,

Boy Two Has Arrived

No Friday post and today is Monday, I think, so I apologize for the delay in getting this posted (certainly I am quite tired). Boy two has arrived, in fact he arrived Thursday evening at 6:53pm. Let’s recap the long day of Thursday. We were scheduled for induction, so we had to call at 5:30am

Final Week…And It Is Eventful

Here we are the final week of pregnancy for sure. Remember mom is in her 38th week but if boy two decides to not come on his own, we have an October 12th induction date, which is at 39 weeks. This is mainly because of how big boy two has been measuring. With that being

Induction Date Set

We are at 37 weeks and mom is feeling at her worst; feet swollen, back hurting, and generally exhausted. So she is certainly ready to go and hopes it happens soon, in fact, searching what natural ways may help push that along faster. At her OB appointment this week, the OB made an end official.

He Continues to Grow

It’s going to be a hot weekend, so mom being 37 weeks isn’t going to be the most comfortable to be outside. So we will see what fun events we can take boy one, as these final weekends approach before boy two arrives. We did do some apple picking last weekend and boy one did

Did He Move…Or Not?

Last week, mom and I found out he may be 6lbs 9oz and was breech. So this week we are hoping he flipped back so we do not have to worry about a version or imminent c-section. We had some good news earlier in the week as mom did get an ad hoc ultrasound and

Emotional, Finishing Touches Week

This was quite the emotional week. Won’t get into too many details but last weekend, mom and I witness a motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist ended up not making it. We were the first up to him and we did try to revive him, along with a few others as they came up, before emergency

Pushing Forward

Another week in the books and just that much closer to the arrival. Mom had another routine prenatal visit this week and her provider decided to schedule another ultrasound for next week. The goal here is to compare against the one we got last week and measure boy two’s growth. At this week’s visit the

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