Complications of Labor and Delivery

What are some of the problems that can happen during labor and delivery?

Most deliveries will go well without any problems. However, it is good to be aware of some of the common problems that do occur. Always remember your safety and baby’s safety are what is the most important factor in labor and delivery.

One thing that sometimes happens, is that the labor does not move along at a steady pace. It may even just stop. To help your contractions, your physician may give you a medicine called Pitocin. Pitocin is the same chemical that your own body makes to cause labor. This medicine is adjusted to strengthen and increase the intensity of your contractions so your labor will move along.

Another problem is that the baby’s head may stop from moving out, before it reaches the opening of the vagina. Often, the baby can be helped out with forceps or a vacuum. Forceps are metal instruments that carefully fit over the baby’s head and are used to guide the baby out of the birth canal. Vacuum provides pressure to baby’s head and guides them out of the birth control. Your physician will only attempt these maneuvers if they think it will be successful in moving baby out of the birth canal. If forceps or vacuum attempt fails, baby will be delivered via cesarean section. If you are taken to the operating room for a cesarean section, your partner will be able to come along as well. Camera is permitted.

The easiest way for babies to come out is head first. Sometimes the baby may be turned around with their butt (breech), legs, or arms coming first. Your physician will carefully decide in these situations whether to perform a cesarean section or try to deliver the baby through the vagina. Your safety and the baby’s safety will be the most important factors in making such a decision.

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