How do I make the most out of my visit with my doctor?

Whether it is your first visit or you are returning for care, we look forward to assisting you with your needs and concerns. There will always be a live voice on the phone to help with the scheduling of your appointment. When you call, let the scheduler know why you would like to make an appointment. Do you need an annual exam? Do you have a problem you would like to discuss? Is this a follow-up appointment? Knowing your concern will help the scheduler know how much time to allow with one of our providers.

Sometimes it is necessary for paperwork to be filled out prior to your appointment. If you receive paperwork please take the time to fill out the requested information completely. If you lose your paperwork most of our forms can be found on our website. Look for the Clinic Forms button or in the information bar on the right side of this web page.

Please fill out any necessary paperwork prior to your appointment. Bring your most current insurance card. We will need to make a copy of it for our records. If applicable, please bring an updated list of medications. Include the dosage, when you take it, and why you are taking the medication.

To maximize your visit, make a list of questions you have for your provider so that you don’t forget anything. If you are coming in to discuss a new problem, write down when it started, what it feels like, and what makes it better or worse. Your provider will most likely review your health history. Be prepared to discuss
• Past medical history including any major illness or
• Surgeries you have had and when they were performed
• Medications and allergies
• Family history including your parents, grandparents,
siblings and children
• Social history including tobacco use and alcohol or drug

If possible, try to bring in or send us records from previous doctor visits. Our Medical Records team may assist in helping you obtain any medical records you may need.

After your visit, we will review any medication or treatment instructions. If you have questions after you leave our office, feel free to contact our office by phone at 262-544-4411 or through MyChart.

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