How To Obtain A Breast Pump Through Your Private Insurance Company

Call your insurance company (# should be found on the back of your card).

Tell them you are pregnant and are checking into your eligibility for a breast pump.
They will probably ask your due date. They may also ask your physician’s name.

You will want to find out exactly what is covered and if the breast pump should be rented
or purchased. Some insurances require that moms get the pump through a durable medical equipment provider (DME) also known as a medical supply company Others require moms get the pump through a hospital or pharmacy, while others will reimburse moms for purchases made at retail stores.

We suggest when calling your insurance company, you have the following questions on hand …..

1. Can I rent or buy my breast pump?
2. Is there a maximum amount you will cover?
3. Do I have to get a specific type of pump (manual versus
4. Do I have to get a specific brand of pump?
5. Do I need a prescription to get the breast pump? If so,
from who (pediatrician versus obgyn)?
6. Can I get the breast pump before my baby is born? If so,
how soon?
7. Can I buy my pump at a retail store (like Target or Babies
‘R’ Us) and be reimbursed?
8. Do I have to go through a specific provider to get the
9. I want a different pump than the one offered through this
plan. If I want to upgrade to a different pump, can I pay
the difference out-of-pocket?
10. This plan covers manual pumps but I know I will need an
electric pump. If I want to upgrade to a different pump,
can I pay the difference out-of-pocket?
11. Do you cover additional breastfeeding supplies, such as
nursing pads, tubing, bottles, Lanolin etc ? If so, do I need a prescription? Can I buy them at a retail store and submit receipts for reimbursement?
12. If a prescription is needed, should it be given to me to
take to DME or pharmacy or can it be faxed by my OB/GYN.
13. What is the diagnosis code needed for my prescription from
my physician?
14. If the provider you sent me to buy my pump from is out –of-
stock but I need a pump now, can I buy my pump at a
retail store (like target or Babies ‘R’ Us) and be
reimbursed? If not, what do you recommend I do?

Once you have the needed information, if a prescription is required, you may contact us and we will provide one for you. Please let us know if prescription is for a specific type/brand of pump and where the prescription is to be sent(if to be faxed- include fax #).

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