Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is regulated by your hormones. A part of your brain, called the hypothalamus, makes hormones which tell your ovaries what to do. The ovaries then make two hormones which control your menstrual cycle. These hormones are called: estrogen and progesterone.
Your cycle begins on the day you start bleeding (your last menstrual period). Estrogen is released by developing eggs in your ovaries. This increase in estrogen causes the lining of your uterus (called the endometrium) to grow and thicken. This happens to prepare for a possible pregnancy. Typically on day 14, an egg is release from one of your ovaries. This is called ovulation. That egg then travels down the fallopian tube to your uterus. If the egg is not fertilized, you do not become pregnant. This causes your hormones to decrease which signals the uterus to shed the lining. This results in menstrual bleeding.

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