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Busy Week, Leads to Vacation Week

This was a busy week for dad. Mom had to travel for work Monday through Wednesday. This meant dad was responsible for more than normal. I do appreciate the help by grandma and grandpa for watching him Tuesday night. Outside of that picking up boy one and dropping off boy one was a bit more

Shopping Recap and Holiday

Wow…this week just flew by. With the 4th and those festivities, along with the busy last weekend it is already Friday. To recap, we went down to Illinois to check out some rockers but the mall down there was so much more than we thought.  Oakbrook Terrace was the mall that the Land of Nod

Weekend and Weight

This is the weekend we take our road trip to Illinois to the Land of Nod, to check out a glider. Yes, you read that correctly. It may not be as bad as it seems though. I would feel comfortable spending that kind of money knowing the glider was at least comfortable, or perhaps not

Baby Room Coming Together

Real progress has been made this past week in getting boy two’s room together. Crib and dresser, ordered, received, and put together. On that note, I figured I would put the dresser together first, since by the box I figured the core was one piece and just attach a few pieces. However, I was quickly

Baby Is a Mover– Is That A Good Sign?

I was just looking back and realized the blog has been going on for a month now, time is flying and from where the blog started to now week 22 of baby boy two. Now for the last week and a half boy two has been moving like crazy. I got the first feel this

Slip and Slide Weekend

A little late on this one…hope the wait is worth it. What a warm weekend, so for all those moms out there, take the necessary precautions with the heat. Again a great resource can be found here. With that being said, I spent a lot of time outside this weekend so I am drained. We

What’s In A Name…

Another week closer to the arrival of our little boy two.  Mom and I have been having recent conversations about names. It was a little easier the first time around, we kind of both had the same idea. Well, of course, I had to do more compromising. I wanted to carry on the tradition as

Oh boy…This Has To Be Bad News

Looking back at my last post, I will say that I was a bit distracted as I was completing it. Why?  You know when you get a call from that one person, or at a certain time of the day it can never be good news. You hear the phone or see who it is


Kid, You’ll Move Mountains

Mid-week update, as this week zips on by ahead of a holiday weekend. Just a mini recap, boy one went to Door County with the grandparents (nana and papa), and so mom and dad were going to start on the new baby’s room. The weather cooperated, at least in the terms of where it wasn’t

No Kid Weekend…Let’s Start The Baby’s Room

I get weekly emails that give me updates on how the baby is developing, I really enjoy reading the updates, even the second time around. I feel it is a great way for me to stay connected to the process to a greater degree. Week 18 is a busy week for the little one, this

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