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Gynecology Prep

College Gynecology Prep

Transitioning into the college years is an exciting time for young women. Our team of caring providers at Moreland OB-GYN can assist college-bound individuals by providing education on reproductive health, emergency and preventative care, emotional well-being, substance use and abuse, and violence in relationships. 

Before heading to college, meet with your doctor to discuss:

  • Contraceptive Counseling: Your gynecologist can suggest the best forms of contraception based on your lifestyle and reproductive goals while at college.
  • STI Education and Testing: Your doctor can inform you about common STIs, their symptoms and treatments, and how to protect yourself. If necessary, your doctor can administer STI testing or treatment. 
  • Menstrual Health: The healthcare provider can address concerns about your period, such as heavy bleeding, extreme cramps, or irregular periods. Your doctor can diagnose these problems and offer treatment options.
  • Reproductive Health Screenings: Regular check-ups with a gynecologist can include screenings for reproductive health issues, such as cervical cancer screenings (Pap smears), breast health exams, and pelvic examinations. Early detection and prevention are essential to long-term reproductive health.

college-girlsRegularly scheduling visits with your gynecologist, especially during college breaks and visits home, is crucial for maintaining optimal health. College life brings new experiences and challenges, and maintaining a consistent connection with your gynecologist ensures ongoing support and guidance through these transitional phases. 

Routine check-ups not only address immediate concerns but also establish a foundation for long-term wellness. Contact Moreland OB-GYN today at 262-544-4411 or request an appointment on our website!

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