Essure is a small procedure performed with a camera through the vagina for permanent birth control. It is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, can be performed in the office and requires no anesthesia or incisions. It is done by placing a small micro-insert into each tube allowing your body to seal off the tubes over the next three months. At the end of the three months, you will undergo an x-ray study to prove that the tubes are blocked. This physical barrier prevents sperm and egg from reaching each other and thereby prevents pregnancy. There are no hormones with Essure and it will not change you natural hormones or your menstrual cycle. Your body will do what your body was meant to.

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This 10 minute procedure is done in the office with almost no down time. Patients usually take just the day of the procedure off work and many say they didn’t even need that. You’ll spend 45-60 min in the office for everything.

Essure is only for women who never want to be pregnant again. If you are uncertain about you fertility then you should talk to talk to you doctor about another form of birth control. After you have the inserts placed you MUST continue to use another form of contraception until the x-ray proves your tubes are closed.

For more information, visit the Essure website.

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