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Fertility Awareness

Video Transcription: Hello. I'm Dr. Jessica Herzberg. Here at Moreland OB-GYN, we understand the emotional and physical strain infertility has on couples. We offer a variety of fertility services for couples looking to conceive including fertility evaluations, preconception counseling, and fertility education. We also provide several services for treatment for fertility including Intrauterine Insemination or IUI which is done here in our clinic. As always, it's Moreland OB-GYN's goal to lead women to better health. 

Frequently Asked Natural Family Planning Questions

What is fertility awareness?

Similar to “natural family planning,” this practice combines checking your temperature, cervical mucus (liquid near the opening of your womb), and cervical position (the part of your womb that you can feel deep inside your vagina). These things need to be done everyday to see when you are ovulating. Unprotected intercourse (without contraception) must be avoided on your fertile days to prevent pregnancy.

How does fertility awareness work?

You avoid intercourse when you are ovulating or you use another form of birth control during that time.

Who can use fertility awareness?

Fertility Awareness can be used by anyone who:

  • Is in a monogamous (single partner) relationship
  • Is interested in learning about their body
  • Is willing to check for signs of ovulation every day
  • Can deal with the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy
Who should not use fertility awareness?

You should not use fertility awareness method if:

  • You do not want an unplanned pregnancy
  • You have irregular periods (menstrual cycles)
  • You cannot understand or track signs of ovulation everyday
What are the risks of using fertility awareness?

The main risk of using this method is pregnancy.

What are the side effects of using fertility awareness?
There are no side effects.
What are the advantages of using fertility awareness?
There are no hormones or devices to use.
What are the disadvantages of using fertility awareness?
  • Takes extra time
  • Requires a lot of education
  • Difficult to use if you are not ovulating regularly, or you have a fever or a vaginal infection

Withdrawl Method

What is withdrawl?
It is when the penis is removed from the vagina before the man ejaculates.
How effective is it?
It is not very effective in preventing pregnancy. Most men have a small discharge of sperm before they ejaculate so pulling out does not always prevent sperm from entering the vagina. The sperm that has entered the vagina in this way can fertilize an egg and cause pregnancy.

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