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General Health Care

Frequently Asked Maternal Serum Screening Questions

If I have a job, should I stop working?

Generally, you can work right up until the end of your pregnancy. The only types of jobs that might be a problem are those where you work around certain chemicals or x-rays.

If you have any questions, ask us.

Can I continue regular sexual relations?


As long as it is not causing you to have pain or bleeding. For certain problems, you may be told to avoid sex. Some women find that sex is more comfortable during pregnancy if they are on top or lying side to side.

Feel free to ask us any questions about sexual relations during any of your prenatal visits.

Is it okay to douche during pregnancy?
There is a possibility that using a douche while pregnant may cause premature (preterm) labor – which means going into labor too early. It is recommended for you to not use any vaginal douche.
Can I travel during pregnancy?


There are generally no problems with riding in a plane or taking auto trips unless you have certain medical problems or are in the last month of pregnancy. IT IS BEST TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF IT’S OK FOR YOU TO GO ON A TRIP! If you are a frequent flyer or a crew member, please let your physician know. As you get toward the last few months of pregnancy, check with airlines about any restrictions. In case you will be away for more than a week or away from home near your due date, it is a good idea to get the name of a medical provider in the area where you will be.

We can help you with this. If an overseas travel destination requires certain vaccinations not recommended for pregnant women, you may be advised not to go there.

What about high altitude stays--about 8 - 9,000 feet?

In non-High Risk pregnancies short stays (several days) at high altitude are generally not felt to be a significant problem. Women who are at low risk during pregnancy living at low altitudes should avoid vigorous exercise if they visit high altitudes for short periods of time. In High Risk pregnancies high altitude exposes the mother and developing fetus to less oxygen and should be avoided whenever possible.

Your physician will be happy to discuss your special problem with you.

What about dental care?

Keep getting your regular dental checkups. Take good care of your teeth. Gum disease has been connected to premature (preterm) deliveries. Let your dentist know that you are pregnant before any x-rays are taken or any medicines are given to you.

Tell your dentist to add lead shielding to your abdomen (lower tummy) and to your neck area when taking x-rays, double shielded.

How should I take care of colds or small aches and pains?

You can take acetaminophen (Tylenol®) for mild aches and pains. Check over the counter medication page for other safe meds to take in pregnancy.

Consult our office as needed.

What about clothing?

- Wear comfortable clothes that are not tight on your belly
- Flat heeled or broad heeled shoes are recommended
- Use a bra that gives good support to your breasts

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