Infertility Evaluation

No one expects that they will be faced with challenges getting pregnant.  At Moreland OB-GYN we understand the physical and emotional strain that couples face during this difficult time. We now offer several options to help you along your fertility journey.

Who should be evaluated for Infertility?

Over the course of 1 year, 85% of couples having unprotected intercourse will become pregnant. You should see a doctor if you:

  • Are under 35 and not pregnant after 12 months of attempting pregnancy.
  • Are 35 or older and not pregnant after 6 months of attempting pregnancy.
  • Women with irregular or no menstrual cycles
  • Women with history of known pelvic infection or endometriosis
  • History of infertility.
What are the causes of infertility?

There are three categories of cause for infertility:  Male, Female and Unexplained.

  • Female infertility:  this can be caused by a decline in fertility as a woman ages, failure to ovulate or release an egg, blockage of fallopian tubes, abnormal shaped uterus.
  • Male infertility: abnormal sperm count, shape, motility (ability to swim) or erectile dysfunction
  • Unexplained:  no cause is found in testing
What tests are there for infertility?
  • Male: Semen analysis
  • Female:
    • Blood hormone tests:  Recommended hormones vary based on your menstrual cycle and age.  Common tests ordered include: thyroid testing, prolactin testing, ovarian reserve testing (FSH, estradiol, anti-mullerian hormone)
    • Imaging:  Hysterosalpingogram which shows the inside of the uterus and whether fallopian tubes are blocked, pelvic ultrasound which looks at uterus and ovaries
    • Surgeries: hysteroscopy which looks at inside of uterus or laparoscopy which looks into abdomen to exam the fallopian tubes, ovaries and outside of uterus.

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