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Involving Your Family In The Pregnancy

How might the baby’s father be affected by my being pregnant?

Often when a woman becomes pregnant, she begins experiencing different moods and concentrates on these feelings and on how her body is changing. These changes can make the father feel neglected. He most likely wants to be an important part of your life. He is probably having many concerns about the new baby. All these things can put some strain on your relationship. It is often helpful to talk about the feelings both of you are having about the new baby. Several other helpful things you can do are:

  • Bring him with you for some of your prenatal visits. Let him feel the baby as it kicks and moves
  • Have him take childbirth classes with you

If you have more questions, ask one of the staff here.

Sometimes the father does not seem interested in the upcoming baby or even worse, may seem angry. If this is a problem for you, please let us know so we can help you better deal with it.

How might my other children react to my pregnancy?

Children, except for very young infants, usually notice that their mom and dad are going through something new. It is important to tell them that a new baby will be coming and explain how they can help take care of the new child. Let little ones practice diaper changing on a doll and let the older ones know how they’ll be able to help take care of their new brother or sister. Let them feel the baby moving and kicking.

They may get jealous because they think your new baby will be more important than they are. It doesn’t hurt to remind them how much you love them and that they are just as important as the new baby.

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