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Prepared Childbirth

What is prepared childbirth?

A satisfying childbirth experience requires a lot of work from both your mind and your body. The best way to make each birth experience the best possible is to be prepared. You can become prepared by learning what to expect during labor and delivery, including the medications and anesthesia used. Also, it is important to know about caring for the new baby.

There are birthing classes that are taught at both Waukesha Memorial Hospital and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital that cover what to expect during labor and delivery, coping techniques, baby cares. It is also ok to search the internet for information, but you want to make sure you are on a reputable source—baby blogs can be written by anyone, whether they have medical knowledge or not. One example of a reputable source would include the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The majority of obstetrician offices follow their guidelines for patient care.

By knowing what to expect and how to respond, the prepared woman can overcome the fear and frustration of labor. The woman and her partner, usually the baby’s father, can then take an active part in the birth process. Fear is thought to be a factor in causing significant pain during childbirth. Reducing fear makes labor and delivery easier and the whole experience more enjoyable.

Birth plans are always welcome at the hospital. It is important to discuss your birth plan with your physician. It is advised that while creating your birth plan you remain with an open mind, as sometimes in labor and delivery, things can come up quickly and plans can change. Your physician and nurses will be communicating with you frequently—feel free to ask any questions along the way.

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