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Seat Belts in Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Seat Belt Questions

Should I use seat belts during my pregnancy?
Yes! Your doctor strongly recommends that you use them for your baby’s safety, as well as your own.
Why are seat belts so strongly recommended during pregnancy?
Studies of pregnant women in car accidents have shown that you and your baby are much less likely to have injuries if you are wearing a seat belt.
What kind of seat belts are recommended?
The best is the combination of a lap plus a shoulder belt. If no shoulder belt is available, a lap belt, worn correctly, is better than no belt at all.
What is the correct way to wear a seat belt while I'm pregnant?

The lap belt should be worn low around the hip bones and be kept as tight as is comfortable. The shoulder belt should be kept above the high point of the abdomen (belly), but low enough to avoid having it cross over your neck.

Be sure to use the seat head rest to support your neck. It is important to keep good posture while traveling.

If I'm in an accident, what should I do?
In anything more than a simple fender-bender, you should get checked by your doctor as soon as possible. This is true even if you are not hurt as your baby could be affected. Your doctor may decide to do some simple tests to be sure your baby is doing well. If any vaginal bleeding or contractions occur, call your doctor immediately.
Are you saying I should buckle up whenever I get into a car?


Most accidents happen close to home, so please don’t save your best safety measures for long trips. Buckle yourself and your baby up every time you travel, even on the way home from the hospital. By not using your seat belt, you are taking the risk of hurting yourself or your baby.

By buckling up you are doing the very best you can to avoid injury.

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