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Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, and CBD Oil

Avoid all alcoholic beverages.

There is no research available that demonstrates what level of alcohol consumption is likely safe. If you had alcoholic beverages prior to knowing you were pregnant there is no need to be concerned if you stopped with your positive pregnancy test.

Avoid all tobacco and smokeless products.

Cigarette smoking is known to be harmful to your developing baby as well as causing complications in pregnancy. Babies born to smokers are more likely to be premature and smaller in weight.

E-cigarettes and vaping are not safe alternatives to cigarette smoking! These contain numerous harmful chemicals. There is help available to assist you to stop smoking. Your nurse and doctor will give you resources.

Avoid the use of any recreational drugs.

This includes marijuana and all “street” drugs.

Is CBD oil safe?

There is no evidence to show that CBD oil and any other products with CBD are safe to use during pregnancy. Our recommendation is to
avoid these products.

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