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How Far Along
Is My Baby

Week 15: How Far Along Is My Baby?

Your baby, by the 4th month, weighs about four ounces and is close to seven inches long. The head is the longest part of the body which now has completely formed eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The heartbeat can often be heard with a Doppler instrument that makes the beats sound louder. The visit on which we first hear heartbeats helps us be more sure of how far your baby has developed. Sometimes we may ask you to come in for several extra visits just to listen for heartbeats. If we don’t hear them on the first few visits, don’t worry. It sometimes takes a while longer to hear the heartbeat in some pregnancies.

Sometime over the next month, you should begin to feel the baby moving. At first, this may feel like a faint, gentle fluttering in your belly. This movement is called “quickening.” Please write this date down when it happens and tell us at your next visit. This date helps us be more sure of how far along your pregnancy has come.

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