Biophysical Profile

What is a Modified Biophysicial Profile?

Your physician may choose to add an ultrasound to the non-stress test to see how much amniotic fluid is in the uterus (womb). These two tests together are called the modified biophysical profile. The ultrasound will be done to see if there is enough amniotic fluid around the baby.

What is a Biophysicial Profile? (BPP)

If your physician chooses this test, it will usually start with a non-stress test. Ultrasound will then be used to look at how the baby moves, its muscle tone, how it breathes and to check the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby.

If these tests are normal, it usually means your unborn baby will do well for at least the next week. Once you have had a test performed, it is usually repeated once or twice a week until you deliver.

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