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Who Will Be My Baby’s Doctor?

It is important to decide who will be your baby’s doctor before your baby is born. If you are being delivered by a family doctor, he/she will usually take care of the baby after birth. If an Obstetrician or Midwife is delivering your baby, someone else will have to check the baby in the hospital and take care of the baby later.

If you already have a family doctor, it is likely he/she can take care of your baby. If a Pediatrician (a doctor who only cares for children) is your choice or already cares for your other children, let us know his/her name so we can notify them when your baby is born.

You need to make sure your chosen baby doctor has privileges at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and that your baby’s doctor is covered under your insurance plan. If you choose a family doctor as your baby’s doctor, make sure he/she will make visits to the hospital. In the hospital, your baby needs to be seen daily by a physician who has privileges at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and who is covered under your insurance plan.

If you have chosen a doctor that you have never met, you and the baby’s father may wish to make an appointment to meet him/her. You can then ask any questions about that doctor’s advice on breast or bottle feeding and other things about the care of the baby.

It is important you understand Waukesha Memorial’s policy before you deliver your baby. If you have any questions about who will care for your baby, please ask us.

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