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6 Exercises That Are Safe For Pregnancy

Exercise is a great way to boost feel-good endorphins throughout your pregnancy, maintain general fitness and even help ease labor and quicken recovery. Not to mention -- keeping a healthy body during pregnancy has been shown to help baby’s future health!

It’s recommended that you are active or exercise 30 to 20 minutes most days during pregnancy to increase your energy, reduce backaches and improve your strength and endurance. Exercising during pregnancy will also make it easier to get back in shape after your baby is born.

Join Cheryl Mashack, one of our exercise physiologists, as she walks through several exercises which are safe for you and your baby.

Exercises That Are Safe For Pregnancy

Basic Squat - This is an important exercise because it helps maintain the strength in your trunk, your hips and your back during pregnancy. With the growth of baby, your back could start to move backwards and your shoulders could round.

Basic Wall Push Up - This is a safe exercise at any stage of pregnancy because your body maintains an upright position.

Pelvic Tilt - This exercise will be done on the floor, use a mat or blanket for extra comfort, if needed. Sometimes with pregnancy woman retain fluid and lose a range of motion. If it’s uncomfortable to put your palms to floor, make a fist instead.

Bird Dog - This exercise will also require you to be on the floor on your hands and knees. Use a mat or make your hands into fists if that’s more comfortable than placing your palms on the ground.

Simple Leg Lift - With this exercise, using a pillow can help keep your spine neutral. This exercise will be performed on your side. You will lift your top leg up as far as you are comfortable, if your bottom leg starts to lift or tense up, you’ve lifted your top leg too high.

Clam - Again, this exercise will be performed on the floor and using a pillow will greatly help with keeping your spine neutral.

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