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Foam Roller Exercises for Women

foam roller exercisesOur very own Cheryl Mashack, exercise physiologist, was recently interviewed by the Journal Sentinel. Her interview focused on four different exercises you can do with a foam roller.

Typically the foam roller is used for deep tissue massage, but that’s not all it’s good for. The foam roller can also help with exercising your core muscles, which will enhance your posture and strength.

You can watch Cheryl perform these exercises in the Journal Sentinel’s article, linked here. Or you can get a quick overview of each exercise below.

Foam Roller Exercises for Women

1. Abdominal Blaster - It works your arms, shoulders, back and abdomen.

Start by putting your shins on the foam roller, legs hip-width apart, hands shoulder-width apart. Draw your navel to the spine, squeeze the buttocks, and lift the knees off the floor.

Hold for a count of five seconds. Then bring your knees back down to the floor.

Repeat five times in a row and complete three sets.

2. Dead Bug - It works your arms, legs, back and abdomen and improves core and balance.

Sit at the edge of the roller and roll yourself down, gently, on the back of the roller. It’s important that your head is supported on the roller. If you’re taller, place your hips at the edge of the roller.

Draw your navel to the spine, give the buttocks a little squeeze, and lift one leg at 90 degrees. Lift your opposite arm perpendicular to the floor, arm reaching toward the ceiling. Hold for at least five seconds, then bring your arm and leg down. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Complete five sessions.

3. Oblique Twist - Works your chest, back and core.

Start out by placing your feet on the roller hip-width apart. Sit up tall, shoulders down, reach the arms out in front of you. Round through the spine, tucking the tailbone between the hips, pull the navel to the spine and squeeze the buttocks.

Twist and extend one arm behind you, keeping the other arm in the start position. Hold for a brief second, then come to the center and roll up. Extend the other arm behind you, hold, then roll up.

You’ll want to complete five sets on both sides.

4. Bridge with Marches - Improves spinal flexibility. Works your abdomen, back and legs.

Start by laying on the floor with your foam roller, place your heels on top of the roller, and place your roller about 12 inches or greater from your hips or your buttocks. Relax your arms to the side, pull your navel to your spine, squeeze your buttocks slightly, and lift your hips up off the floor.

When you’re ready, lift one leg off the roller, hold it for a second, then bring it back down and alternate. Complete five marches on each side maintaining that hip lift while breathing. Inhale as you lift, exhale as you come down.

When you’re done, place your hips back down on the floor.

Consider working these exercises into your daily routine to help with overall health and fitness. At Moreland OB-GYN, we specialize in women’s health care and prioritizing the needs of our patients. We hope you’ll connect with us to help answer your questions and turn to our experts as a trusted resource for women’s health information.

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At Moreland OB-GYN, we specialize in women’s health care and prioritizing the needs of our patients. We hope you’ll connect with us to help answer your questions and we hope you’ll turn to our experts as a trusted resource for information.

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